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December 3, 2013
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APH Elementary [Contest Entry] by FlopyLopez APH Elementary [Contest Entry] by FlopyLopez


This is my entry for :iconaph-elementary:'s oc contest! Since Argentina is a latin country, she is a Mall Dweller!
The fullbody picture was drawn during mid-november, the panels were half assed moments ago :B
I wish I could write fancy descriptions like Kono sobs, here it goes:

►Country: República Argentina

Full Name: Agustina Victoria Rossi.

 Nicknames: Tina, Agus, Vicky, the Argie.

 ►Age: 19

 Appearance:Average stature and body shape, with a rather toned body. She isn’t chubby nor thin. Has quite wide hips, strong arms and legs and a C-cup  chest.  

She has warm green eyes and brunette hair which starts straight in the head yet turns wavy and then curly at the tips, with two equally wavy bangs that slip at the sides of her face. Her skin is white; kind of olive-toned (similar to Romano) and her facial features are feminine; rosy cheeks and melancholic eyes, a sweet expression yet capable of showing strong determination.

Personality: Agustina is an extroverted girl at its finest; very sociable and outgoing. Usually talkative, loves spending time with other people, or else she feels lonely and gets melancholic.  Caring and motherly, she is protective of those she cares about. Agustina is loud and determined about her opinions and positions, making her a stubborn gal with a fierce personality.  

Strengths:  Hard worker, she’ll try to get everything done to give everyone a good impression and keep a good image of her. Serviceable and efficient, she doesn’t let the slightest detail slip from her attention.  Energetic and competitive, talented at playing sports involving balls and physical activity in general.  Impressive tango-dancing skills, which she shares with her Uruguayan sibling [insert Uruguay character –if any- chose for the story]. When cooking, her specialty is meat and sweet things. In addition to cooking, she eats a lot as well, and has a quite demanding taste in food.

Weaknesses: Sometimes over-emotional and dramatic, makes a huge deal out of little things. She can’t help herself when it comes to losing or doing something wrong, thus making her unreasonably upset; a matter that could become annoying for some people. Agustina hates it when someone points out her flaws or disrespects anything that’s important to her.

Likes:  Tina enjoys pretty much most generic things like music, sports, literature and food. Her favourite sports are Football, Field Hockey, Polo and Racing. As a devoted rock fan, her preferred bands are those from the 60-80’s (including Argentinian and foreign bands, preferably British and Uruguayan). She enjoys Tango and Folklore too.  Her preferred literary genres are fiction novels, historic essays and books about psychology.

Dislikes: Being disrespected or made fun of. Ignorance, intolerance and rudeness. She hates silent, cold and simplistic people, usually getting offended when said people treat her distantly or don’t appreciate the little things she puts so much effort into.

Talents: Tina has an overwhelming ability to cut raw meat effortlessly and make amazing barbecues and roast beef, a peculiarity she is very proud of. Has a great strength when it comes to sports and advanced knowledge about social sciences and psychology. She has an exceptional treatment with kids and with social relations in general. Also, Agustina has developed the ability to play some musical instruments such has the guitar, the bandoneon and the keyboard (piano).

Flaws: Extremely moody and sensitive. She contradicts herself numerous times, which is rather bothersome. Always voices her opinion even if she is not asked, and her talkativeness becomes tiring. Capable of pointing out everyone else’s flaws but she gets angry when people do the same to her (she is the only one allowed to criticize herself). Witty and sarcastic, generally rude when she is in a bad mood. She gets stressed quite often as she always obsesses over little things and overworks herself. Bad loser. Overwhelmingly stubborn. Easily irritable. Tends to analyze the past and her actions too much. Etc(?

►Some other info:

She is catholic.

She can speak Spanish, Italian and English fluently. She can also speak basic-intermediate Welsh.

She is quite classy when she talks, but at the same time, she is a big potty mouth. She swears a lot (especially in Spanish).

She loves dressing smart and fancy, and loves being complimented about her looks.

►Shipping?:None. Although she likes romance and boys, she prefers staying single and independent.


Her closest ones are with Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Perú and Venezuela. As for the first ones I won’t talk about them since characters for those countries have not been settled up yet.

Elisa (Venezula):  They’ve become close friends recently, as they have similar personalities and interests. Both of them are ~fabulous~ and strong gals, Tina enjoys spending time with the sassy Venezuelan and finds her a funny and great person to be friends with.

•Carmen (Colombia):  Not as close as with Elisa, but considers her a friend too. She likes her latina charm. They usually meet up to gossip together.  

•Carlos (Cuba):  They don’t interact often, but Agustina thinks he’s a nice person. They often share their point of view about political and historical matters.

•Manuel (Ecuador):  Another distant relationship, she considers him a friend but they don’t talk often!

•Catarina (Portugal):  Since the Portuguese is the one who looks after the mall dwellers, Tina appreciates her efforts and is affectionate and respectful towards her. 

Argentina OC belongs to me
Contest and Story belong to aph-elementary

Also, what the fuck is deviantART's problem with basic html code? I can't bold the tittles for godness sake :|
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Whitelili123 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She's very beautiful!?! XD
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Great job with this one! :clap:
A-rtificialHeart Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
I love the outfit you designed for her and the comic is really cute!
FlopyLopez Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
A-rtificialHeart Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
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FlopyLopez Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhh que lindo que aprecies eso, es que ella no tiene motivos de ser flaca lol, se alimenta BIEN heavy, pero no llega engordar porque hace mucho ejercicio as que es fuertecita(
MeryAlex Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me encanta que sea fuerte omfg im in love
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Aaaah she looks so amazing!!!! <3 I adore her!
And the comic and everything just makes so much better!
Good luck on this! ;w;
FlopyLopez Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you dear! <3
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